Friday, October 07, 2011

India Day 7 to 9 - Jaipur

Next stop on our travel list was Jaipur...

Updates about Jaipur...

Popularly known as the Pink City,

--? why pink... this is because many of the buildings there was built in "PINK!" i was excited to see the pink buildings, but sadly it was not in the shade of the pink I thot it was. :( . You will see what I mean later.

it is also largest city of the Indian state of Rajasthan. Founded on 18 November 1727 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the ruler of Amber. Jaipur is one of cities in India, located in the semi-desert lands of Rajasthan. Jaipur was a city which that had once been the capital of the royalty has transformed into a capital city of Rajasthan.

Ok anyway ... heres a little gossip... I can't rmb if it was the princess of this city... but the story goes like this, the princess fell in love with a the King's driver's son. Well in India, class differences is really strong, hence, for a Princess to ever marry a driver's son will almost be impossible. Of course the King wasn't very happy about it, and it caused an uproar in the state. People were not happy..... anyway the headstrong Princess went on following her heart, she got married in Delhi as no one in that state wants to recognize their union.

Sometime later, there were rumors that this couple was cheating on each other. The husband of the princess was being chase out of the castle even. No long ago, the king passed on, since the King his had one daughter, so naturally the throne was pass on to the princess's son. By Doin so, the husband of the princess is recognized. So apparently the princess had no choice but to take her husband back hmmmm so exciting right ?

Anyway enough of "faitytales"...

Some photos taken along the journey to Jaipur

Their version of shop houses cum housing

Another version of hut housing

Count the number of passengers they fit on one motor bike!
Scorching summer.....

Taking a shelter?
Dating under the tree.... rmb back in those days when i switch to Indian channel, i always spot them dancing around the tree.... hehe
The Slum....
Can u spot the cattle taking shelter too?
Let me introduce you to the different types of housing in India...
Type 1 housing

Type 2 housing (their version of landed property)
Type 3 (Private property with gate)
Type 4 (semi detach)
Type 5 (loner)
Type 6 (Modern landed)

Type 7 (one room flat)
Type 8 (dunno what is this one)

Type 9 (straw hut)
We are nearing (: The city....

The market place ....

Can you spot the shop house by the day.... housing at night?

Love the colors ... over there, ladies love bright colors..... makes my photo so lively hehe

A new kind of housing! cute little blue house.
This looks like the slum dog millionaire city hahah

spot the little boy... can u?

Petrol station

OOOOOHHHH YESSSS we reached the Oberoi !

The Oberoi Rajvilas

Very Egyptian ....
Check out our bath tub! built in!

DO YOU KNOW THERE IS Great Wall of India too!? hehe

Intricate designs on the ceiling isn't it. So much similarity between ancient China and ancient India, just a difference in liking of colors combination.

Across the river is their summer palace surrounded by man-made river area. Luxurious life! Back in China they have a huge palace with many concubines in different areas but India has many parts of the palace made for different seasons stays!

The below building showcase a series of chambers where the princesses and concubines used to seat in behind vile to get a glimpse of the streets. It is important that they do not show their faces to the public.
The viewing hall for the royals

take a look at the intricate wall designs!

The last palace in this region that was partially converted into a museum to help generate income for the royal family.
This was our last stop....

Heading home for Singapore at their new airport!

They have even got travellators just like singapore airport!

Resting area. Resembles so much like our airport!

This marks the end of my trip to India. I can say, it will not be the last as there are much more treasures to view in India and places that the stay was awesome

Ranthambore will be one of the places I wish to return for food and stay sake!